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About Us

Pumpkin Hollow Art Center is more than a store, it's a mission.

                                         More than a job, it's our legacy to the art community. 


We are a haven for graffiti artists and local artists of every kind. Premium spray paint from Montana Colors, Double A, Kobra and Molotow, graffiti and traditional art supply, vintage store, curiosity shop, and an art gallery with local art everywhere you turn. From Marla's handmade jewelry and clothing line, to Vixxyn's fish tanks and vintage DJ booth, to JustElmo's collage art and murals. We host art classes in our classroom, and events in our Bunker Gallery and Hangar (coming soon!) event space. Come visit us at 3956 Hoepker Road, just north of the airport in Madison on our spacious 2-acre property in historic Pumpkin Hollow School!

We are different than most art galleries, because we're a gallery owned by artists. Unlike traditional art galleries, we don't charge artists to show their work or take 50-60% of sales. We take consignment art from local artists, and give them 80% of any profit we make from selling their art! We support artists who are truly talented, but often find it difficult to make a living at their craft. We help these artists out by sharing their stories and art on our website, and advising them about business and marketing for free. No, we don't make much money off this, but we feel this is our mission! It's our way of giving back to the art community, and giving our customers a chance to see artists who are up-and-coming, or just really unique!

If you're an artist and would like to consult about showing your art here, we would love to see it! No need to call or email us in advance. Just show up during business hours with some of your work and we will give you our honest assessment. Marla will give you her artistic opinion, and Vixxyn will give you an opinion from her business and marketing perspective. 

Additional projects we're working on:
      Full disability accessibility for our lower level (1 art gallery and conference room (est. Spring 2024)

      Watch our graffiti artists in action with behind-the-scenes video from our "OnlyCans" page!                               (No est., looking for a videographer)

      SexyPaint: where high quality paint and female graffiti artists combine with a collection of vintage                  cameras and gorgeous high heels! Pumpkin Hollow Art is making graffiti accessible and fun                    for female artists too.

      ANOTHER art gallery, our third! (est. June/July 2023)

      Rentable studio space for artists. (est. July 2023)

      An airplane hangar with space for special graffiti events and a DJ booth made out of a vintage                      1978 Dodge Dreamer motorhome! (est. June/July 2023)   

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