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Anne Urso

Watercolor Instructor


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I would like to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about me. I have lived in and around the Madison, WI area my entire life. My husband and I currently live in DeForest, WI. I grew up in Monona, WI and have shown an interest in arts and crafts beginning at a very early age. I have been surrounded by artistic people all of my life. Both of my parents had artistic abilities, though they never did anything professionally. They encouraged me to try out all forms of art and to find my passion. I explored all kinds of art during my teenage and young adult years, and was asked to attend the Minnesota School of Art at the age of 14. My parents felt I was too young and that I should wait to see where the next few years of my teens would take me. My art took a backseat after I started working fulltime, and had a family, but the desire and yearning never left. After leaving the corporate world and during our sons' teenage years, I took a basket weaving class and ended up owning my own weaving shop for several years. I have taught basketry since 1999 and continue to teach at a local community center. I have sold over 1,000 baskets throughout the United States and several other continents. I have always been interested in watercolor and decided to take a class. My instructor has been excellent and I find that watercolor is my true passion. My inspiration comes from the beauty that surrounds me, whether it is landscape, animals, flowers or people. There is always a subject to work with. I am currently a member of the Madison Watercolor Society and enjoy the monthly meetings and beautiful exhibits. Please browse through my work and enjoy them. One of my favorite subjects are portraits of children and animals. I do commissioned pieces and would love an opportunity to work with you. My contact information is on the homepage.
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