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Doug Fath

Out Of My Way

Stop The War

Surviving In Covid


I am a working artist who moved to Madison in 1992 after receiving my MFA from University of Illinois at Chicago with my focus in photography. My work has varied throughout the years. Large photo installations, abstract charcoal drawings, small black and white oil paintings of kitsch, boxing drawings to using color in surrealist paintings.
When in Chicago I exhibited in several galleries; Gallery 400, Raw Space Gallery and Gallery 2. Since moving to Madison I have participated in several group shows: Tory Folliard Gallery, Milwaukee 2008; Cache 2010; Non-Stop 2014; Bookless 2015; US Presidents show 2012; Communication, Madison 2022; Wisconsin Perspective 2023, Fond du Lac.
I had solo shows at James Watrous Gallery, U.S. Road Trip 2007 and Boxing Drawings at Gibs Bar 2019.

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