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Hannah Kimyon

7-Card Packs by Hannah Kimyon

Greeting Cards by Hannah Kimyon


My name is Hannah, and I believe that whether our art is painting on canvas, dancing with abandon, cultivating life in our garden, kneading dough into bread, or some other form of making, sometimes simply creating space and trying less are the ingredients we actually need to let our creativity unfold. This has certainly been true for me.

I’m an artist, singer, dreamer, connector, and space holder from Madison Wisconsin.  My life is a delicate balance between planning ahead and rolling with the flow of what feels right in the moment.  I find myself playing in the space between controlling what I can and and surrendering to that which is beyond my control.  Thank you for letting me share my little offerings of beauty with you as I do my best to traverse a place that is both grounded and out of this world.

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