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Negative Space Research

Negative Space Research

"you make me laugh" Greeting Cards

"big thank you" Greeting Cards


Negative Space Research is the recent creation of Dada Zilch, a senior citizen living in Madison, Wisconsin. Dada uses vintage rubber stamps to create textile-like prints on stationery, cards, and paper decorations. Dada’s stated desire is to “create images that have never been seen before”.

Each creation is individually hand-stamped, cut, dated, signed and consecutively numbered. The images, patterns, colors, and paper combinations are uniquely one of a kind. All of Dada’s creations are made one at a time, and never machine produced. Some beloved images can become part of a series of creations, using the same source images multiple times, such as the recently created “u make me laugh” card series.

Dada has sworn the sacred Luddite oath, and believes art made by hand, not machine, is what he has found to be the most spiritually and therapeutically rewarding. Dada also embraces the influences of the Dada and Surrealist movement traditions.

Dada uses found, salvaged or recyclable materials whenever possible, and will not use plastic or preservative coatings on his products. “Eventual decay of the paper serves as a proper comment on our ephemeral existences. If you should wet these objects, the inks used will bleed out their colors onto your hands.”

Dada encourages suggestions, collaborations and donations of materials, such as a box of old envelopes or unused card stock.

Special orders & requests gladly encouraged by contacting Dada at:

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