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Behind The Scenes.

Vixxyn's Blog

Hello everyone! Thank you for checking back in with us. <3

If you haven't been in the store lately, now is the time to check it out! I'm very proud to say that we now have 31 local artists displaying their work with us! Marla and I have been hard at work upgrading the store since New Year's. We replaced our mis-matched clothing racks with 6 double matching racks, and upgraded to hangers with size labels. We're currently working on a new vintage glass display, and it will be fantastic!

I finished the Bunker Gallery, and Marla rotated all the art in the store. She put more of the graffiti-type art in the art supply side, and more of our traditional art is on the vintage side. She still needs to hang art in the Bunker Gallery. This gallery also has an area with chairs so our artists can come in for art signings whenever the store is open. If you tell me in advance, I can advertise it on the website so you can invite your fans and customers!

I also finished the classroom, and we purchased 10 8-foot tables and 30 chairs. There is also a platform that can be set up for models for figure-drawing classes. The Bunker and the classroom will both be opening this coming Saturday February 11th! That is also when we have our first art class. Anne Urso will be running a watercolor poppy class from 10AM - 12PM that day. It's only $35 per person, all supplies included. We still have a couple spots open, so click here to sign up TODAY!!  Both rooms are available for rentals, you can email me or contact the store for more information.

I also have a contractor working on the Hangar project, and it should be done by June. Chris Ognibene from Fixopedia LLC is trying to iron out the details, and we're really happy with his work so far!

More classes are coming soon, and I'll send a message to the email list when we have any updates! Our Valpak $20 discount for classes will be ending at the end of February, so make sure you purchase a class before then if you intend to use the discount for graffiti classes! (The discount only applies to regularly priced classes $80+, not for the Feb 11th class.)

Thank you for all your support and word-of-mouth. We really appreciate our loyal customers!

                                                        -Vixxyn <3

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